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Are you sure you love me? Are you completely sure you’re in love with me? Do I make your heart race when you hear my voice or someone says my name? Do you think about me before you fall asleep, during school and in the morning.  Do you love me for who I am and who I’m not? Are you in love with me and my imperfections?  The way I talk too much or too little? How my voice changes when I get sad? The stretch marks and scars on my body? The way sometimes one eye seems as if it closes more than the other? My chipped tooth and my naturally curly hair? Are you proud that I’m yours? If anyone asked, would you tell them and be proud? Do you love me? Am I so important to you that you would put me before anything that comes your way? Did I make you change your future; do you see me in your future? Do you want me in your future? Do you get butterflies when I say your name or tell you that I love you? Well do you? 

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cant wait to get mine.
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